Promotion of Energy Audits and Energy Efficiency Improvement Projects in Ukrainian Industries

GIZ - Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit

Description of project:

Expert advisory to pilot actions on the promotion of energy audits (EA) and energy efficiency (EE) improvement projects in Ukrainian industries.

Activities undertaken:

Envidatec GmbH was involved as a consulting firm and carried out the following activities:

  • Development of energy audit guidebook as per the ISO 50002 standard type 2 audit.
  • Development of a guidebook for the development of EE measures as per the ISO 50002 standard type 2 audit.
  • On-the-job training of local auditors (conducting energy audits together with them).
  • Workshops and trainings on using the developed guidebooks and conducting energy audits.

Employees involved:

  • Detlef Borst: Senior energy efficiency expert.
  • Thomas Frank: Energy efficiency expert.
  • Peer Schuback: Energy efficiency expert.