Executive Summary

Holistic Approach

The competitors optimize energy consumption only in certain areas or in certain sectors. However, if only parts of a whole are considered, the overall picture is often not fully clear. For this reason, Envidatec GmbH has always taken the approach of looking at a company holistically. Frequently, measures can be implemented more effectively and in some cases even more cost-effectively if they result in synergy effects with other areas. For this, the processes and characteristics of a company have to be thoroughly examined and, above all, understood. Short-term, unsustainable approaches to solutions are not the aim of the energy audits of Envidatec GmbH.

Years of Experience

Envidatec GmbH has existed since 2001 and is now a renowned partner for many companies at home and abroad. Many employees were already involved in the fields of energy efficiency and energy optimization prior to the company establishment and have more than 25 years of experience in these areas.

Different Disciplines

At Envidatec GmbH, motivated and open-minded employees from a wide range of disciplines work closely together, covering a broad range of knowledge areas. The engineers are among others from the fields of electrical engineering, energy technology, environmental engineering, plant engineering and process engineering. Envidatec GmbH also has specialists in the fields of business and environmental law. The company has been working closely with relevant specialist companies for several years in special fields such as plant engineering in the field of compressed air and refrigeration technology.

International Orientation

Envidatec GmbH's employees are not only very receptive to new experiences and cultural characteristics, but they can also very well adapt experiences from other countries into new market segments, countries or industries. Of course, each country has its own conditions and challenges, but targets like energy cost reduction, emission reduction or energy efficiency are almost identical in all countries. Envidatec GmbH is very successful in the implementation of these objectives.

Envidatec GmbH has successfully implemented more than 250 projects in more than 35 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. The flexibility, extensive know-how and many years of experience have made Envidatec GmbH a leading supplier in all aspects of energy efficiency and energy consumption optimization.

Envidatec GmbH's Project Locations


Added Value and Core Products

With continually increasing energy costs and tightening regulatory requirements, it is very important for a company's competitiveness to constantly improve its energy efficiency. There are several ways to increase energy efficiency in a company.

A holistic approach is the introduction of an energy management system. The international standard for this is the ISO 50001. An energy management system operates according to the PDCA (Plan - Do - Check - Act) cycle, which includes a continuous improvement process. This continuous improvement requires a steady work with the system, which, among other things, requires constant monitoring of energy-relevant processes and procedures. An energy management system only works successfully if this continuous improvement process is practiced.

The essential components of an energy management system are the provision of formal points such as practical documentation, ensuring legal requirements, the efficient analysis of energy consumption and the associated evaluation of optimization measures as well as the continuous measurement and monitoring of energy consumption.

Envidatec GmbH offers its customers various individual steps on the way to an energy-efficient company or the entire introduction of an energy management system. Envidatec GmbH's many years of experience lie in the execution of energy audits according to ISO 50002 and energy data monitoring according to ISO 50006, in addition to fulfilling the formal components of the standard.

In an energy audit, the energy-relevant plants and processes in a company are examined holistically, optimization potentials are worked out across the entire range, and promising potentials are subsequently implemented together with the customer.

The savings potential is very different depending on the company and the industry. In companies that are still poorly efficient in the area of energy efficiency, the savings can be significantly more than 30%. Usually an energy management system in combination with an energy data monitoring system can save 10% to 20% energy costs. In the international environment Envidatec GmbH is currently active in, the savings potential lies in some cases even over 50% depending on the development status of the country.

JEVis Energy and Operating Data Monitoring System

Due to continuously rising energy prices, the energy monitoring and optimization of processes - especially for energy-intensive companies - becomes a central task area. In order to establish a continuous increase in efficiency in companies and to make a sustainable energy policy measurable, the introduction of standardized energy management systems has been pushed forward by the standardization institutes in recent years.

Envidatec GmbH offers its customers a highly flexible system solution for a software-supported energy management and energy monitoring system, compliant with the ISO 50001 and ISO 50006 standards, the JEVis system. JEVis is a monitoring software which has been specially developed for the evaluation and processing of process and procedures relevant process variables. The JEVis system can communicate with a wide range of different data sources and interfaces, read out data and control subsequent evaluations of the data and process them visually. The collected data is stored in a database within the JEVis system. Access to this data is protected by user rights management and grants access to authorized users only. Data transmission is encrypted via an IP connection.

The business model and reference projects


  • Consulting and monitoring the customer for a sustainable increase in energy efficiency and the integration of renewable energies
  • Performance of energy audits, energy analyzes, feasibility studies, etc.
  • Profitability assessment of the measures evaluated and support for their implementation as well as preparation of financing plans
  • Introduction of energy management systems according to DIN EN ISO 50001
  • Trainings, workshops, training-on-the-job, etc. in the mentioned areas
  • Planning of standards-compliant measurement concepts and data analysis systems
  • Automatic acquisition, continuous analysis and visualization of energy and process data using the software JEVis
  • Activities in international development cooperation for UNIDO, UNDP, EBRD, GIZ, KfW, ADB, etc. in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energies, climate protection, energy policy, national action plans energy, financing models, trainings, workshops, capacity building, TVET, etc.

Our Mission

Envidatec GmbH is an expert on energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy management and energy optimization solutions from Hamburg and is now one of the world's leading suppliers. The company distinguishes itself from other competitors, in particular through its diversified know-how.

While competitors can often optimize energy consumption in specific areas or sectors, Envidatec GmbH considers the holistic view of a company.

For about 5 years, Envidatec GmbH has been focusing increasingly on projects in emerging markets where there is a huge potential for energy saving, CO2 reduction and climate protection.

"Measures are often more effective and partly even more economical if these result in synergetic effects with other areas. The processes and characteristics of a company have to be thoroughly investigated and, above all, understood."

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Thomas Frank, CEO Envidatec GmbH

Business Model

In addition to the holistic view, other three pillars play an important role: the exceptional know-how and many years of experience, specialization in various fields of specialization (electrical engineering, energy technology, environmental technology, plant engineering and process engineering) and a strong international orientation with enormous future potential.

Envidatec GmbH's range of services extends from energy audits, implementation, energy data collection, analysis, to training in energy efficiency and renewable energies.

"In the face of the continusly increasing of energy costs and tight regulatory requirements, it is very important for the company's competitiveness to constantly improve energy efficiency. There are several ways to increase the energy efficiency of a company that we strive to achieve in a sustainable way."

Alexandr Lyubchikov, Project Manager Envidatec

International Assignments & Projects

Since 2011, Envidatec GmbH has specialized in international business activities. Since then, the company turnover in the international sector has grown from 20,000 to 650,000 euros in the current fiscal year, and now exceeds more than 50 percent of total business sales.

To date, Envidatec GmbH has successfully completed more than 250 projects. The company is constantly applying for new projects, which are mainly being developed by development aid portals such as United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ), Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW), the World Bank and many others to support companies in developing and emerging countries with regard to energy optimization and efficiency.

"There are currently more tenders from various portals than qualified applicants. In the future, we want to conclude even more projects with higher sales volumes, which is why we will invest primarily in this international division and expand our teams accordingly."

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Detlef Borst, Executive Manager

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